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   This blade has koshirae from the ending of 19. century.It is unusual koshirae because of this is for fight conditions, not only to show owners “fittness”. 

 Koshirae koto tachi shortened to katana is presented on the picture on the left.


See cuttings on the tsubas edge- it comes probably from duel. Tsuka is special cause it has no rayskin but there is laquered metal beneath the tsuka-ito. Tsuka-ito is covered with urushi which comes handy in battle due to be more resistant .  Fuchi is thin metal only, kashira is made from buffalo´s horn.There is God of bless on the menuki, on the boat and playing the flute while keeping the bag of happiness.


Blade of koto tachi shortened to katana Blade´s here. Tang (nakago) was accidently cleaned but you can see on the blade itself that it is very old koto. You can see hamon which seems to disapearing, but it isn´t.

It is cause by hadori polish, which was made on this blade but it leads differently of  the real hamon.  This blade is not for sale now. It is interesting item so the owner gave us permission to publish  the sword here.