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Signature: Mumei
Year Made: Koto-era
Forging Pattern:  Ko-itame/ko-mokume
Tempering Pattern: suguha hotsure with nioi
Dimensions:   Nagasa:  492mm, Nakago:  142, Motohaba:  27, Sakihaba:  19, Motokasane:  5, Sakiasane:  3, Sori:  12
Mountings:   Copper habaki. Original complete koshirae. Saja with excelent urushi and
nacre (pearl ), koiguchi is from turtleshell, kurikata is new (not originaly antique)-buckhorn.Shoami school signed cuba, cooper habaki with yujo.Tsuka-ito is made from paper laquered urushi and menuki has the motif of vase with flowers.
Overall Condition:    Very good. Blade is in  good but old polish,
except on monouchi on the ura side- there are some little  scratches. There is kirikomi on the shinogi and kitaeware.
Sword has  torokusho papers.