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Mumei naginata naoshi katana,den Uda Kunimune, with kanteisho paper Nihon Tóken Hozon kai.

Nagasa: 66,5 cm

Naginata naoshi zukuri, itame nagare hada with chikei, gonome midare hamon  suguha, shirake utsuri. The katana has no defects on the blade. Polished, with koshirae.

Note: Tradition Uda is considered as  wakimono based on Yamato tradition.

According to kanteisho this blade was made at Etchu provence in Muromachi period, era Tenbun天文 (1532 – 1555), however longer  naginatas, which was originated this blade from  were used  till the Nambokucho period (1333 – 1393)  which is supported by its construction odanbira with great haba and thin kassane.

In the middle Muromachi period naganatas were made with shorter blade and more distinct saki-sori. Thus it is probably that the blade is about 100 years older than is stated in Kanteisho.