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Katana sign.Amahide 天秀
nagasa(blade lenght) 66,5 cm
nie deki gunome suguha hamon, great shaped blade in old polish.  Koshirae at  Tensho, style tebineri cuba(19th century)
Fine sword for Iaido and also the tameshigiri exercise. Also very interesting item for collection.

True name of Amahide was  Hidejoshii Fukumoto.He was one of the 200 swordsmiths working as Seki Tanrenjo during the world war 2, Oficially administered as a Tanrendjo 27th October1939. He was one of the elite swordsmiths  Rikugun Djumei Tosho of the imperial army. According to e “Gun-To Tosho Retsui ” –  ranking of smwordmiths made by Kurihara Hikosaburo at 1942, Amahide´s blades were ranked as  ” Rjokoh no retsu { ,,sequence of particular swordmiths”} and for its cutting abilities are Amahide´s blades considered as O-Wazamono. (cit. President Nihonto tanrenshoPrezident Nihontó tanrenšó) .The SEKIWAKE title at the list of modern Swordmisths. (rare-  Gendai Tosho Banzuke). Amahide won 3rd place at whole-Japanese competition at 1941s´ swordmisth exhibbition.
Published at  Nihon Token Tanrenjdjó a Nihon Token Shinbunshi at 1943.
Also published at  GENDAI TOSHO NINKI BANZUKE ,,Ranking of the current popular swordsmiths”. The blade was signed also by Fujio Jabushita Joshimitsu.