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Perfectly visible hamon, suguha type. Hata is ko-itame. Sugata 63 cm.

Swordsmith Kanemichi (Seki, Gifu, previously Mino) with his original name Kojima Tokijiro小島時次郎, previously signing  Kanetoki 兼時. He was born in the 1902 (35th year of Showa era) and he studied at great swordsmiths his period like Kojima Katsumasa from surrounding of Zenjo Kanejisho, Kojima Katsumasu and then at Watanabe Kanegana.

He has rankin maegashira at tosho-banzuke, he was member of elite group of swordsmith working for troops Rikigun jumei tokoh, he won the special price of honour at 1941 in swordsmith exhibition. Kanemichi is considered as top-class master Sekito of Showa era, his son as a second´generation master is a swordsmith, too.

Toko Taikan ranking 2 000 000 JPY.