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We have rich skills with this service or attitude.

Swordhunting means that you will tell us your conception or price limit and we will ask everybody we know he is a collector to get some information about the item you want.

To be effective we strictly need to know:

Maximmum price limit. It is the highest but still acceptible price for you.

Next details like : Year or era of Japan history of made the item, motifs you want to be or not to be on item. Name of school or style, name of blacksmith, type of sword.. and so on.

But you can try this way as well :  To tell us maximmal price limit and the information that you want to have a katana, wakizashi, or what part of koshirae and we will see whats available.

Our friends  has sometimes in their collections unexpected items and if we had more accurate instructions we could miss something  very interesting for you.

To conclude I must emphasize that your demands needs to be reasonable.  Everybody wants the best for lowest price possible, but we all  are antiques´ collectors and simply these things usually has their price.