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O sensei is doing the Rei to his sword

We are group of collectors living in Czech Republic in middle Europe.  Our contacts leads to almost whole world, especially to USA and Japan, too.

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Japanesse sword – Katana, wakizashi or tanto- these are most common, it is very popular item on auctions or popular merchandise at all.  So many decievers are trying to sell false swords “made in china” .  Next problem is that there are many excellent swords, but they has a little damaged koshirae ( koshirae sustains from Fuchi, Seppa, Tsuba, Tsuka, menuki, habaki and so on..).  It comes handy, to have an oportunity to repair them.

But the process of restauration must be gently- to avoid unwanted destruction of component.  This can be done by extremelly good and well informed specialist, not only by some man who thinks he is smart enough to do it.

So on this web there is a possibility to use our contact form to try search for some help with repair koshirae. In old Japan the person who did this was called sayashi.  Our men are very busy, so they would rather prefered  that they will be contacted by us, not directly by visitors of this web.  Another reason fot this way is that they usually has very poor access to the internet.

Our next aim to built this web was to share good and proved or trusted information on whole theme of Japanese swords to avoid cheating  which is very usual for this kind of  concern.  Cheating in price ( to sell swords very expensive ) or in quality ( pretending of better condition than in real).

To see this, one needs information. To learn it, you should see many original pieces to know and feel the details.  We hope our gallery can help with this.

Next part of misson if this web is to have an opportunity to sell and buy some sword, koshirae and anythink needed with this hobby.

It is notoricity situation for many collectors.. You have your item studied for so long time, that you know every single part of it.  So you would like to sell it and buy a new one.  Well, this is additional purpose of our gallery.

You can ask for everything published- we will ask the owner if he is to sell it.  Even if there is written not for sale, we can try- we all changin´ our mind all the time.

  Maybe the owner has seen some interesting thin recently so he has changed his opinion.

If you are going to use our web to buy/ sell something, you should respect the rules.

There is also option to tell us what are you looking for, and we will ask our friends, this is called swordhunting.

It is difficult to translate whole web from one language to another. Especially if it is so much dynamical system like ours. We are sorry that in english there will be more common info, at least in this very beginning.  This is our free time activity, not commercial.  Whole project is our  hobby but we have our ordinary jobs and lives. 

To conclude – if you have any question  feel free to ask via our contact form. We would be happy to help you with any situation related to subject of this web.

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