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There are rules, described in following text. In case you want to cooperate with us in any way, please read this very carefully to avoid problems.

From Us you can expect :

We offer proffesional attitude to every single action, doesn´t matter if it is buy/sell,  repairs and so on.

We consider as a matter of fact honesty and honourable behaviour on both sides.

Sometimes happends that there is one item demanded by two or more persons concerned. Time of contacting us plays the priority, not the money. This is not an auction server.

Once we grant you the item is available, there is nobody else who can get it. Till the time you tell us you are not interested. But for this, please have a good reason, or you ´ll appear on our blacklist.  Simple changing of your mind is not serious reason enough.

The price is estimated price.  It is enclosed to every post, or  (if not) you can write for it using concact form. Some colectors wants it to be this way.

We are not offering  the hire purchase at all.  Nore the goods for COD (cash on packet).

Items are sent in 36 hours after receiving the payment.  Items can be sent to any country available in DHl, PPL or simple Post services ( we have good experiences with this service for whole Europe)

Sales returns:

Every advertiser must agree with this rule :  You can send back items you feel no satisfaction with.  But- it is important- you have to do it in 48 hours from taking your delivery. Before you do that, contact us and we will discuss whole matter closely to avoid missunderstood. Once you contact us, the limit for send-back is stopped of course.

In case both we discussed and agreed to send back together, there´s one more circumstance. Sword you got from us you have to return clean, in the same condition you got it and when the papers are enclosed, of course you need to send them back with the blade- safe, undamaged and in original.

There is no need to tell that you can return only the very same blade you obtained.

After the  whole transactions finished succesfully, you will got your money back.

We can solve all problems in person anyway- but if  you come from abroad we prefere procedure mentioned before.

If subject of our cooperation si swordhunting, please read carefully the terms in apropriate part of this web.

We are not commercional subject. There is the place on our web for collectors to advertise their items only (see gallery, or “nezařazené ” at the left of the page below panel called “nabídka”).

And we help them to communicate.  Our aim si to study  the blades and this is free time activity.

However we are reading our mailbox every day, if you got no reply more than two days, something went wrong and you should try different way to contact us.  It can be different mailbox in adress : karasek.jindrich (at )  or our facebook page called


You can pay directly on account.  Or you can use Paypall.  If you were interested at this option, whole operation would be performet by creating the payment request and sendig it to your e-mail adress.

Next  kind of transfer could be via ebay´s auction tool. We could create personal auction where you could buy the item directly as usual.

 Other  possibility is to pay in person after you see the item in real. This is possible only in Czech republic, Prague or according to contract.  To avoid abusing personal details we will tell you the number on demand. 

Some items here are very expensive, or precious too. So it is reasonable their owners are afraid of robberries and they prefers to stay in anonymity.

If you will see on this webpage anything what you know it was stolen, you are to tell us immediatelly.   One of our aims is to help with stopping the blackmarket with these items.

Any questions can be answered via our contact form.