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Are you an e-shop?

No, we are not.  This web is kinda communication portal with collectors (offering, ocasionally  buying, too) in one hand and the starting collectors/ Samurai fan´s and similar people at the other hand. More information at the About project page.

Is it just your hobby or you can provide some antiquities, too?

Both is the truth and all depends on condition  and our agreement with you.

Do you have any swords at some kind of store or at home to help me look at them personally?

No again. Swords published here and of course the other stuff are property of group of collectors cooperating with our web. Some of them are for sale, some of them are sold, some of them are interesting for further study.

Why there is no price listing?

Once again, we are not the store. Some items published are for sale or will be if you will give a good offer to their owner. Also we are not publishing adress or names of owners because all the items are very valuable and some of them also expensive, too.

Who are you and why does the web looks like that?

You can find out who we are right here, About the project. Web is based on wordpress, I have very poor knowledge about webdesign and I prefer the content above the formal appearance. Thus picture are various sizes, quality and not sorted to much in each post.

What is is with the picture quality?

Well, thats´ the point! I am very sorry for some photos quality. Pics were taken during long time period and usually in poor condition or else. We are not professionals, just enthusiast and this is our hobby.