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You are concerned  at collecting of antiques.  All of these has their own history. Once they were weapons, made for the only one reason- to kill a men. They were present at battlefield and they are part of history not only in Japan. It is part of history of all human.

But this history is sometimes cause of their bad condition.  There could be some defects in polish or in koshirae.

Not all defect has to be fatal for your item. But to repair it, you should use professional craftsman´s service. 

We know some of them and by meaning of this web you can contact them and demand or inquiry repair of your item.

They all refused placing of their cell-phone numbers or adresses here directly. The reason is obvious.. They has at home usually some precious but a little damaged items so they want to stay “anonymous” , out of all publicity- to prevent robberies.  They has a lot of work, cause not everybody can repair antiques and these craftsmen are rare.  Next reason of using contact form is to save their time for more usefull activitties than phonecalls.

Please keep in your mind that you should not try to make any repair of antique swords of Japan !  Maybe you have bought it  only a little bit damaged. But even a little repair from amateur can cause terrible damage to item and rapid loss of its value ! 

This counts not only in polishing blades in your own, also with tsukamaki  or koshirae repairs too.

If you need to get something repaired, let´s try to demand it via our contact form first. Or at least ask how to do it with minimal risk by your own- in case of small repairs.

There is lost with every piece of destroyed antique small part of history of our own.